African Shea Nut

It takes approximately 50 years for the Shea-Karite tree to mature. When mature, the Shea nut can be produced. This occurs in the deep tropics of Africa. The secret to having shiny and soft hair lies in this nut. Using products which hold Shea produce healthier hair. One of the industry leaders in this market is Saryna Key Professional. They are proud to be the one to introduce products to the world which produce healthy results naturally.

When the nut is cracked open, Shea nuts give butter which is full of many vitamins and minerals. This includes vitamins A, F, and E. You will also find other essentially needed nutrients including amino acids, proteins, omega, cinnamic acids, and more.

Natural properties are found by use of the butter from the Shea nut. They include increased moisture, protection from UV and free radicals, increased circulation of scalp, increased cell production and renewal.

A new series of Shea products are available from Saryna Key Professional. They are proudly introducing formulas to nourish hair which is damaged, dry, chemically treated, curly/wavy, and fine/thin. Each formula holds natural apple extracts, wheat proteins, amino acids, and silk proteins.

This highly rated company is committed to providing green containers which are better for the environment. Bottles are made from 100% recycled materials. Products are never tested on any animals.

Stylists around the world have used this product line and agree to see an increasing trend for these products. The product lines offer the ability to gain texture, soft hair, shiny hair, and more manageable hair daily.

Saryna Key Professional offers product lines which give quality to the customer. The products will help you to revitalize the hair and look the healthiest once again. The magic of Shea butter is at the foundation of this success.